US Open Apartment


Project Name: US Open Apartment 
Location: Mumbai, India 
Developer: Nirmal Lifestyle (one of the largest real estate developers in India)


  • India’s first real estate project licensed by the brand
  • Nirmal Lifestyle, one of the largest real estate developers in India, launched the US Open Apartment project to create the first sports community
  • US-style apartments have created a new standard that redefines lifestyle attitudes and lifestyles to meet consumer demand for sports and sporty environments
  • The project reflects both the spirit and achievements of the US Open and the city’s vitality in New York, providing residents with an opportunity to experience American history and culture in India.
  • The project has enabled the migration of the resident population from southern Mumbai to the suburbs, making the region a new center for high-end living around Mumbai.
  • The US brand always runs through all marketing activities of Nirmal Lifestyle


  • Once the US Open Apartment was launched, it set a new sales record: in less than three weeks, 108 sets were sold.
  • Since the launch of the US Open Apartment, the sales performance has been impressive, making Nirmal Lifestyle a leader in the real estate industry.
  • Only 400,000 US dollars of media investment, achieved a very good publicity effect
  • Compared with ordinary projects, the US brand contributed 23% of the additional revenue to the apartment building.

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