George Armani Beijing Life Art Exhibition Will Be Officially Opened In Beijing

Beijing, September 30, 2016

On October 22nd, the Armani Living Art Exhibition will be grandly opened at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing’s 798 Art District, following the initial success in Milan, Italy, in April 2015. It was the first time the exhibition was unveiled outside of Italy. ARMANI/CASA will be the latest in the world: The Armani City Park Plaza, which is built in Beijing, will also be unveiled. The exhibition will be held in an exclusive show and will be open to the public until October 28.

The Armani Living Art Exhibition is located in Beijing, the most dynamic city in the world. With its rich culture, profound emotions, reshaped customs and highly respected sensitivity, it will create a new taste of aesthetic realm. A fascinating hotel innovation journey.

It is reported that the exhibition area of ​​the Armani Living Art Exhibition covers an area of ​​400 square meters, which will perfectly represent the quality projects developed by Armani Home Interior Design Studio in some parts of the world. Sketches, renderings, plans, sections, live photos, scale models, layout designs, fabric and material samples, and iPad demo multimedia content will be on display, demonstrating the breadth and depth of Armani style, aesthetic and material research design, vividly Present the various stages of project preparation. The design concept is unique and unique, and from time to time, the design studio – the “source of origin” of perfection – emerges in the brain.

“My interior design studio has been dedicated to the development of unique projects around the world for more than 11 years. Together with renowned architects, we are looking for innovative and creative solutions that convey the luxury and essential aesthetic values ​​through local culture and national spirit. I am honored to be able to showcase these projects in this modern metropolis of Beijing. Today, we are working with Junhao Real Estate Group to build the world’s leading commercial and residential complex. This is the epitome of our aesthetic concept, that is, the desire to create adequate Respect the local natural environment and realize the top living space where man and nature are united,” said Mr. Giorgio Armani.

Zhang Hui, Managing Director of Junhao Real Estate Group, said: “It is not so much because of a real estate project. I prefer a combination of ideas. Because of the philosophical thinking of the project “Heaven and Man”, Mr. Armani has been The architectural aesthetics have been matched because of the high degree of cooperation between the two parties in terms of brand height, social responsibility, strategic planning and future development vision.”

This exhibition represents an important milestone for Armani/Casa. The origins of the matter can be traced back to 2004, when the cooperation agreement signed by Giorgio Armani and Dubai giant Aimar Real Estate Group shocked the world. Mohamed Albar, chairman of Aimar Real Estate Group, is known for his keen instincts to connect with Italian designers. The designer is known for his attention to detail and perfection, giving the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the charm and uniqueness of the world. personality. In addition, the first Armani hotel also settled in Burj Khalifa. Subsequently, the sensible reappearance of Milan and other cities, from Milan to Istanbul, from Mumbai to Manila, Tel Aviv, Chengdu and London, has sprung up. At the exhibition, the newly announced Beijing Armani City Apartment will also be previewed.

Just as the designer’s unique design concept of “showing Made in Italy in a near-perfect way” changes the world fashion trend, his ingenious interior design gives us a completely new understanding of the comfort and comfort of the building space. The unique aesthetics make both simplicity and luxury equal, revealing the designer’s deep design skills and characteristics. It is this keen recognition that affects all senses, transforms the design into cultural elements, highlights the unparalleled heritage and character of the project, and demonstrates harmony with the surrounding environment! A variety of image elements highlight different geographical and cultural characteristics, the perfect combination of new materials and unusual shades is inspiring, giving each project a different inspiration and style.

Exhibition Project

Armani City Apartments · Beijing · Apartments

The most striking thing is the development of the Armani City Apartment Real Estate project with Junhao Real Estate Group. Ranked among the top 10 most iconic contemporary buildings in China, the Junhao·Central Park Plaza residential complex, Armani City Apartments reinvents luxury homes, sharing areas and amenities that are refreshing. At this point, China’s most important “green” building complex will be located in the Beijing Central Business District (CBD), across the street from the South Gate of Chaoyang Park, the largest urban park in the Asian continent.
Queensgate Villa · London · Private Residence

Recent projects also include Alchemy real estate company in London to join the creation of the Queen’s Gate House ( Queen’s Gate Place ) . Located in a quaint townhouse that was built in 1863, the project is a classic example of a classic architecture. Giorgio Armani is striking with a veritable modern design, while retaining the wisdom and innovation while fully respecting the most precious elements of architecture. In fact, Armani exhibited his stunning work, focusing on its composition and details. Plastered ceilings, cornices, staircases and decorative iron railings perfectly recreate the original charm of the building, complementing the modern design concept of the project, and are the result of the seamless blending of today’s most advanced materials and technologies.
Armani Hotels · Dubai · Hotels

The Armani Hotel Dubai was officially unveiled in 2010 with 160 deluxe rooms and suites, 8 new restaurants, a premium retail store and a tranquil Shutai spa and 144 Armani boutique apartments. The hotel’s environment is harmonious and pleasing, safe and quiet, filled with the poetic elegance of fashion life, looking around the hotel, everything is designed by Armani / home interior design studio.
Armani Hotels · Milan · Hotels

The Armani Hotel Milan, created in partnership with the Aimar Real Estate Group , is the first architectural project of Giorgio Armani in Milan, in a historic rationalist building designed by architect E. Griffini in 1937. Each detail fully reflects Armani’s unique aesthetic taste. Light, warmth and beauty are perfectly matched in a new form, giving the hotel a modern interpretation!
Mumbai World Tower · Beijing · Apartment

As the world’s tallest residential building, the Mumbai World Tower was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and promoted by India’s largest property developer, Rod Haag. The unique interior design of residential and large public areas creates a unique blend of Indian traditions and customs: reinterpreting Indian cultural elements such as the brick wall in a modern way, creating a warm and cozy living space. The distinctive light and shadow effects and the perfect combination of original shapes and materials make the design shine!
Century Spire · Manila Apartment

In an extraordinary building in Manila ‘s most prosperous Makati district, Armani and Century Real Estate have teamed up to create the top interior design of the century’s steeple homes and public areas. The bold structural design of the building is like a passionate bloom at the top of the flower buds, and the slanting lines of the facade are vibrant. It is the source of inspiration for the interior design, making the building as comfortable and elegant as the name of Armani, and expressive with Daniel Libeskind. The architectural design complements each other.
Armani Apartments · Miami · Apartments

Giorgio Armani and US real estate developer Dezer Development and Related Group have entered into a strategic partnership to create the most prestigious Armani/Casa in a bold building designed by Cesare Perry near Miami’s exclusive Sunny Isles Beach. Apartment . For the interior design of the project, the designer reinterprets the Art Deco style closely related to the city in a modern form. The designer’s selection of colours highlights the colours of the ocean in six categories of residences and various public areas and facilities.
Armani Art Apartment · Chengdu · Apartment

Giorgio Armani announced that it will work with the Menri Group in Chengdu to build China’s first residential project. The project consists of two residential buildings in a large multi-purpose building complex located on the banks of the Jinjiang River and across the river from the Ming Dynasty Mingzhu Wangjianglou Park. “Armani Art Apartment” is located in the twin towers designed by Aedes. The walls perfectly depict the curves of the designer’s boutique design, giving the building a very high aesthetic value. Different types of interior design in residential and public areas (two storeys high) fully respect the local culture, reinterpreting the essence of Chengdu “Bamboo” and “Bao” (water), and is also the most representative image element in China.
Matz Apartments · Istanbul · Apartments

The first Masac Apartment in Asta Holding , located in the central residential area of Nisantasi, is the most prestigious residential project in Istanbul . The three high-rises boast magnificent views of Bosphorus, Princes’ Islands and Saraquirio, and include a variety of residential buildings and three wide halls, symbolizing the grandeur of Istanbul. The staircase of the hall is swung up along the magnificent column, and the exquisite carvings are fascinating. The curved walls with superb technical design are novel and unique.
Armani Apartments · Tel Aviv · Apartments

The Harbaa building in Tel Aviv was designed by architect Moshe Zur and promoted by the Hagag Group. Armani Home Interior Design Studio was invited to design the vestibule and space lounge. The project is extremely challenging and must determine how to inject souls and characteristics into the natural transition zone that people don’t often miss. The studio brainstormed and studied the style and city icons, and finally decided to adopt the unique style of palm trees as the main theme of the design. Through the skillful combination of technologically advanced materials, the unique symbolic plants are rendered and the unique charm of the front hall is portrayed as an extension of the external natural space.

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