TSA Group Successfully Promotes Aladdin Group's Global Partnership With Manchester United

Old Trafford, March 1, 2017

TSA is proud to be a global partnership between Manchester United and Aladdin Group, the world’s leading quality product owner and operator, focusing on the electronics market. As part of the partnership, Aladdin Group will work with Manchester United to launch offline events globally through the club’s digital platform and create brand awareness with Manchester United Club’s 659 million followers worldwide.

Richard Arnold, Managing Director of Manchester United Club Group, commented: “Over the past decade, our shopping style has changed dramatically, and the popularity of e-commerce has made it easy for customers to access a variety of global products. As a dynamic emerging The company, Aladdin Street, has been at the forefront of the industry to provide consumers with convenience and high quality products. Together with Manchester United, the company is committed to expanding its global market.”

Aladdin Slyland Desmond, co-founder and president of Aladdin Group, added, “It is a great honour for Aladdin Group to cooperate with Manchester United Club. Our goals and vision will be adopted in the near future. Manchester United’s cooperation is passed on to the world.”

“AladdinStreet.com will launch its services globally in the first quarter of 2017. In the early stages, we will focus on providing goods and services from Malaysia and Singapore. We have established offices in 30 countries around the world and will further expand our business. The goal is to serve 4 billion customers. Manchester United fans around the world will soon experience our quality service through AladdinStreet.com, and we are honored to be able to go global with the help of Manchester United.


TSA (Total Sports Asia) is a leading sports marketing agency that provides professional advice on venues, sponsorship, licensing, event management, media copyright, and digital media. There are offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Beijing.

For more details, please contact tsachina@totalsportsasia.cn

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