TSA/BRE China Is Appointed As The Organizer Of Armani Interior Design Exhibition

Beijing, August 8, 2016

TSA/BRE is pleased to announce that the company has been officially designated as the co-organizer of Armani/CASA IDS Exhibiton by the Junhao Group, responsible for organizing and coordinating the preparation of the exhibition. Coordination and advisory services in various aspects such as material preparation and logistics support.

In order to better promote the influence of Armani Studio in China, Junhao and Armani jointly plan to hold “Armani” at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing 798 Art District from October 22nd to October 28th, 2016. The Art Interior Design Art Exhibition will be open for 7 days and will be open to the public free of charge.

“Armani Furniture Interior Art Exhibition” shows some of the main projects of Armani/Home. Armani/Home has found an unprecedented and innovative solution in 10 years, using different local cultures and national elements to interpret Armani’s unique aesthetic, namely luxury simplicity. The first project dates back to 2004, when Giorgio Armani and Aimar Real Estate signed a contract for the Armani Hotel in Dubai, which has been in operation since 2010. Since then, Armani/Home has built different projects around the world, from Milan to Miami, to Istanbul, Mumbai and Manila, as well as Tel Aviv, Chengdu and London, as well as the exclusive exhibition of Junhao·Beijing Central in this exhibition. Park Square. The main exhibits in the exhibition include design sketches, renderings, architectural models, pictures and material samples. All exhibits come from Armani/Home’s most important projects in the world: Queen’s Gate Villa in London, Armani Hotel in Dubai and Milan, World Tower in Mumbai, World’s Spire in Manila, Armani Apartments in Miami, Armani Art Apartments in Chengdu , Macka Community in Istanbul, and Junhao·Beijing Central Park Plaza.

Previously, the “Armani Home Interior Art Exhibition” was held only in Milan, Italy, and the exhibition in China will be held for the first time in Armani/home, which will also be held for the global tour of Armani/home exhibition. The prelude.

Zhang Xiaoan, general manager of TSA China, said: “TSA is honored to be the co-organizer of this exhibition. This is an excellent opportunity to show Armani/home brand to Chinese audience. Before and after the exhibition, TSA will be with Junhao Group and Armani. The company worked together to make the exhibition a smooth and successful conclusion.”

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