Seminar on "The Future of Branded Commercial Real Estate" was held in Beijing

How do international brands drive the value of commercial real estate brands? The “The Future of Branded Commercial Real Estate – The World Trend of the Chinese Market” forum was held in Beijing.

On January 23, 2013, the commercial real estate seminar hosted by the Academic Committee of the China Real Estate Managers Association (“China Economics Alliance”) was based on the theme “The Future of Branded Commercial Real Estate – The World Trend of the Chinese Market”. The Ritz-Carlton Beijing is held. The seminar invited senior experts in international real estate brand marketing from Marcus Marus Luer, CEO of Almighty Sports (Asia) Co., Ltd., and Suvrangsu Mukherjee, President of India, to present the success stories of international commercial real estate brand authorization. At the same time, more than 20 domestic real estate company senior leaders and real estate industry experts participated in the meeting, and had a heated discussion on how international brands promote China’s commercial real estate development.

In recent years, with the intensification of competition in the domestic real estate industry, the homogenization of commercial real estate is serious, lacking innovation and brand awareness. As the organizer of this conference, the China-Arab League Academic Committee invited international real estate brand marketing experts to introduce international real estate experience to China, aiming to strengthen the domestic real estate industry and international exchanges, and to develop the development trend and experience of the international real estate industry. The results were introduced into the country, thus promoting the international development level of the domestic real estate industry. Focusing on the distinctive theme of this forum and the branding development trend of international commercial real estate, foreign experts introduced the successful cases of current international real estate brand authorization at the forum, including Michael Schumacher World Building, Sharapova Building, and the United States. Commercial real estate authorized by international famous brands such as Net Apartment, Manchester United Bar, Swarovski Building and Discovery Plaza. “The branding trend of international commercial real estate has become increasingly obvious. International brands will bring unique differentiation advantages and rich returns to authorized real estate through high brand value”, CEO of Almighty Sports (Asia) Co., Ltd. Marcus Luer said.

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Zhang Chunhua, CEO of Forte Investment Group

Leaders and experts from many domestic real estate industries, such as Huaye, Vanke, Forte, TEDA, and Jindi, have expressed their approval for the development direction of international commercial real estate brands and expressed their views on the future development of commercial real estate brand authorization. Zhou Biwen, executive chairman of the China Securities and Economics Board of Supervisors, said: “International brands have global visibility and high brand value. Authorizing domestic real estate is not only conducive to the construction of urban landmarks, but also to real estate developers to attract high-end merchants and consumer groups. The target consumer group builds a unique market magnetism.” Chen Shun, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Huaye Real Estate Co., Ltd. said: “International brand licensing is not only a simple brand name, but also injects the brand culture and management style of high-end brands into the blood of authorized real estate developers. Enterprises have more market attention and market competitiveness.”

It is reported that the organizers of China Alliance and Almighty Sports (Asia) Co., Ltd. intend to invite the first batch of real estate industry managers to visit abroad this year to India, Italy and other countries to conduct on-the-spot investigations on successful cases of international commercial real estate, and with foreign countries. Real estate brand experts conduct in-depth exchanges.

Chen Shun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Huaye Real Estate Co. Ltd.

Organizer: China Real Estate Managers Alliance China Real Estate Managers Alliance (referred to as: China Economics Union) , is a large-scale international industry organization initiated by the Secretariat, is a non-profit social organization, affiliated to the “Chinese Management Science Society Enterprise Management Committee”. The purpose of the organization is to regulate the development of China’s real estate professional managers through various forms of communication, cooperation, education and training among members, and improve the consolidation strength and professional quality of Chinese real estate industry practitioners, thus providing the Chinese real estate industry with More abundant and more professional talents will promote the healthy, professional and sustainable development of the Chinese real estate industry.

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