LET Appoints TSA as a Global Media Distribution Agency

TSA wins women’s European Tour LET global distribution rights (except Europe and North America)

On October 16, 2013, in London, TSA, the global sports consulting leader, recently won the exclusive global distribution rights for the 2014 Women’s European Tour in addition to Europe and North America.

The Women’s European Tour (LET) decided to partner with U.COM Media and TSA to leverage TSA’s rich global television resources for copyright distribution, particularly in the Asian market. In recent years, LET’s Asian market has developed at a very fast pace, so LET has specifically placed some new activities in Asia.

Ivan Khodabakhsh, CEO of LET, said: “We are very pleased to be working with a company with the versatility and experience of Asian all-around sports. In 2013 LET established a partnership with our TV producer U.COM Media and will have some new activities. The form has successfully introduced our competition. In the new year, we look forward to having more TV audiences. We believe that with the ability of TSA, especially its strength in Asia, we can definitely spread our programs to more. More places.”

Dirk Glittenberg, executive director of U.COM Media, also said: “Our mission is to make LET a more exciting and exciting TV show, and this mission must have a strong partner. We are very happy that TSA also has us. The same vision is to spread the women’s competition to more audiences, so that more audiences can appreciate the charm of the women’s competition!”

Marcus Luer, CEO of TSA Group, said: “We are very happy to have an opportunity to help LET spread to the world. We have been watching golf games through golf space all the time. I believe that women’s golf has a lot of room for development, especially LET. In the past, we already know how to help a new sport develop better and help them cross the traditional boundaries. Today we will repeat history again. I have been working with Ivan for a while, and there is no doubt that our relationship is not only Limited to TV copyright, TSA will establish certain cooperation with LET in more fields from sports events to sports sponsorship in the future.”

Women’s European Tour (LET): In 2013, LET consisted of 23 professional golf tournaments held in 18 different countries. With its strong presence in Europe, LET has been expanding its range of competitions around the world in recent years, such as Dubai, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey and China. In 2013, more than 300 players from 40 different countries participated in the competition. In January 2013, Ivan Peter Khodabakhsh became CEO of LET, headquartered in Buckinghamshire Golf Club next to London. More information is available at www.ladieseuropeantour.com!

U.COM Media: is a full-service company in Germany that serves the global strategy of sports organizations and sports brands. U.COM is the official exclusive TV manufacturer and copyright partner of LET.

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