The World’s First Fight Alliance GLORY Announced The End Of The Century War GLORY: COLLISION

Beijing, September 1, 2016

The world's first fight alliance GLORY announced the end of the century war - GLORY : COLLISION (Rico Verhoeven VS Badr Hari)

GLORY has once again increased its investment in this year’s year-end showdown, which will be the most anticipated game in the company’s history.

The world’s first Fighting Alliance is pleased to announce that it will host GLORY in December 2016: COLLISION, the world’s two best heavyweight fighters will launch a long-awaited showdown, which will also become their profession The most important game of his career.

Founded in 2012, GLORY has been recognized as the world’s No. 1 Free Fighting Alliance after four years of rapid development. More than 70% of the world’s top players are gathered in Glory’s boxing ring. TSA (formerly known as Total Sports Asia) is one of GLORY’s founding companies, and Marcus Luer, president of TSA Group, is also a director and concurrently president of GSI, the management company of GLORY. TSA is currently designated as the exclusive media copyright agency for GLORY worldwide, and its business development cooperation and media copyright in China is also the responsibility of TSA China.

About the Year-end Century War

When governing Rico Verhoeven, the king of the GLORY heavyweight competition, and the biggest challenge he has ever encountered, the legendary Badr Hari in the heavyweight competition (Bad Harry, nickname: Magic Boy) When the narrow road meets, a classic matchup will be staged.

The 27-year-old Verhoeven has grown from a promising competitor to an undisputed champion in just 10 years, through a 10-game winning streak and four championships in the GLORY. Verhoeven said: “(GLORY: COLLISION) will be the biggest game in the history of fighting, Badr Hari is a very good fighter, but now is my time, I am the champion.”

Verhoeven has defeated his extraordinary physical strength and excellent technical skills:

Benjamin Adegbuyi (twice) 
Peter Aerts (Peter Azi, nickname: tyrant) 
Hesdy Gerges (twice) 
Daniel Ghita (Daniel Gita, nickname: Low-Sweeping King) (twice) 
Sergei Kharitonov (nickname: Russian Airborne ) 
Gokhan Saki (Khan • Saki) 
Filip Verlinden (Philip Wolin Deng). 
Errol Zimmerman (Errol Zimmerman, nickname: human bone crusher) (twice)

Maintained an 82% winning percentage in his career (91% in GLORY).

Hari’s amazing power made him the most persistent fighter, he is also the “bad boy” in the fight world, has won five consecutive victories (four times are KO or TKO).

“Who? Rico? When he was still wearing protective gear training, I was already a household name in Japan, a real fighter,” Hari said.

As a former K-1 heavyweight champion, the 31-year-old Hari has already defeated in his 16-year career:

Peter Aerts (Peter Azi, nickname: tyrant) 
Glaube Feitosa (Gulabe Fitosa, nickname: very true monster) 
Peter Graham (Bit Graham) 
Ruslan Karaev (Luslan Karayev, nickname : Shooting Cannon ) 
Stefan Leko (nickname: Lightning) 
Alistair Overeem (Arista Ovry, nickname: Hammer) 
Gokhan Saki (Khan Saki) 
Semmy Schilt (Sami Sylter, nickname: Giants ) 
Ray Sefo (Ray tournament Buddha, nickname: South China Sea, black Panther) 
Errol Zimmerman (Errol Zimmerman, nickname: bone crusher)

Through these wins, an amazing 88% knockdown rate was achieved.

“When the idea of letting Badr Hari play in GLORY is a reality, our social media has been smashed. As the game is already close, all the talks about the game are going on,” GLORY CEO Jon Franklin said, “This is a game that fans are looking forward to. It is also a game that both Hari and Verhoeven expect. We are happy to say that this game is coming.”

GLORY co-founder Scott Rudmann added: “Let’s say that Rico and Badr don’t really like each other. GLORY wants to show the audience the match between the world’s best heavyweights. The power and skill of these two people. And physical fitness is amazing.

“This game and the other games we have prepared for GLORY: COLLISION will be the most watched in the world in combat history, more than any other game. It’s time for GLORY!”

The venue, ticket information and broadcast schedule will be announced later. GLORY has created a registration page where interested viewers can receive ticketing information in the first place. For more information on the competition, please go to

GLORY Collision (the Fight of the Century for kickboxing)

GLORY Collision is a special event that GLORY heavyweight world champion Rico “The King of Kickboxing” Verhoeven will fight with legendary superstar Badr “The Golden Boy” Hari in December.

These are the two biggest names in heavyweight kickboxing. Rico has a career winning percentage of 82% (and 91% within GLORY) while Badr keeps an incredible knockout rate of 88%  over his 16-year career.

Event Date: December 10 2016
Venue: Oberhausen, Germany
Amount of fights: 4 fights in total inc. Badr fight
Duration: 2 hours

Fight cards:

  1. Final Ladies Grand Prix
  2. Harut Grigorian (ARM) vs Daniele Solaja (GER)
  3. Ismael Londt (NLD) vs Jamal Ben Saddik (MOR) /TBD/Chi Parry
  4. Rico Verhoeven (NLD) vs Badr Hari (MOR) HW confirmed

Player Info

Rico Verhoeven

Basic Info:

Age: 25
Place of Birth: Netherland
Height: 1.96m
Weight: 114KG
Organization: GLORY
Division: Super heavyweight


2016 Glory 28 Heavyweight World Championship
2015 Glory 26 Heavyweight World Championship
2015 Glory 22 Heavyweight World Championship
2015 Glory 19 Heavyweight World Championship
2014 Glory 17 Heavyweight World Championship
2008-2012 It’s Showtime: Won 11 times
2008-2012 K-1: Won 3 times

Badr Hari

Basic Info:

Nationality: Moroccan
Place of Birth: Netherland
Height: 1.97m
Weight: 120KG
Division: Heavyweight
Team: Akhmat Fighter
Trainers: Michael Passenier, Ozden Tekcandan


2014 GLOBAL FC Heavyweight Tournament Champion
2008-2009 K-1 World Grand Prix Runner Up
2009-2010 It’s Showtime Heavyweight World Champion +95KG
2009-2010 K-1 Heavyweight Champion 100KG (1st Title Defence)

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