TSA Group Successfully Promoted the Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as the WEY Brand Endorsement of China’s Luxury SUV Leader

The King Gathers International Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo For The Chinese Luxury SUV Leader WEY Brand Endorsement

May 10, Madrid, Spain. On the occasion of the World Cup war is about to ignite, the WEY brand of China’s luxury SUV leader officially announced that the international football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (hereinafter referred to as C Ronaldo) as the WEY brand spokesperson. The signing ceremony was held in the Spanish capital Madrid in the afternoon of May 10, local time. In the future, the two sides will cooperate intensively to make the sports charm and Chinese luxury perfectly blend together to interpret the brand proposition of WEY luxury SUV leaders.

“Cristiano Ronaldo challenges the limits and always moves forward, and it coincides with the spirit of the WEY brand leader. I believe that our cooperation will spark a different spark and become the most exciting cross-border cooperation in the 2018 Sports Year. “We are the leader of China’s luxury SUV, we have always conquered the market with innovative breakthroughs in R&D strength, safety and quality products. This time, together with C Ronaldo, will definitely add more to the WEY brand.” Charisma and international influence bring luxury to Chinese consumers at their fingertips.”

The King Gathers Together To Create an International Brand Power

The cooperation between WEY brand and C Ronaldo can be described as a strong alliance between Chinese luxury SUV leaders and international football legends. Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for Real Madrid Football Club and is the captain of the Portuguese national team. He won the FIFA Golden Globe Award, won the Golden Boot Award four times, and won the FIFA Annual “Best Player” in two sessions. One of the valuable football players. He has been racing for 15 years, no matter how many honors he has, he has never stopped moving forward. This is also in line with WEY’s constantly evolving spirit and leadership style. It is built with luxurious quality and willing to challenge the joint venture WEY brand. From China to China, it has always been at the forefront of the industry and has gained international acclaim. The king’s style of the two makes this cooperation complement each other. The sitting of the king superstar will help deepen the luxury brand of the brand and create the international influence of the brand.

At the signing ceremony, Yan Si and C Luo made a pleasant exchange next to the WEY brand’s first family masterpiece VV7. The jersey is the same as the No. 7 C Ronaldo. “When I first learned about the WEY brand, I was full of expectations for cooperation. We share the same values ​​- persistence, perseverance, courage. This is my first time for China luxury. SUV brand endorsement, VV7 also let me see the strength of Chinese car brands. Hope that the cooperation with WEY can bring more surprises to Chinese fans.”

Chuangye WEY Has Led The Chinese Luxury SUV

As a leader of luxury SUVs, WEY brand will actively develop brand charm this year, and cooperate with high-quality IP in various fields such as culture and entertainment, sports and leisure to interpret high-end lifestyle. Previously, the WEY brand has become the top partner of CCTV’s 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcast, and now the news of the world-class star C Luo as the brand spokesperson has settled, which undoubtedly adds a heavy bargaining chip to the brand sports marketing battle. Inciting. The WEY brand will also actively cheer for Ronaldo during the World Cup and release his first commercial film for the WEY brand. Since then, WEY brand will continue to explore different forms of cross-border cooperation, enhance brand tonality, promote brand awareness, bring consumers a deeper luxury experience, and continue to lead the Chinese luxury SUV.

TSA Group is pleased to provide WEY with a professional sports marketing strategy service in this transaction, and to link the WEY brand with Cristiano Ronaldo. If you need more details, please contact our Chinese team at tsachina@totalsportsasia.cn
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