For Capital and Liberty Global Announces Strategic Investment in GLORY

Beijing, September 14, 2016

Glory Sports International , the parent company of Glory Glory Fighting , the world’s No. 1 Free Fighting Alliance , announced the completion of Series B financing, which was led by Capital and the largest in the world. International television and broadband companies – Liberty Global and other existing shareholders of Twin Focus Capital of Boston and GLORY .

Founded in January 2016 , Yan Wei Capital was co-founded by Yao Ming, who was selected to the NBA Hall of Fame, and former chief investment officer of Wanda and former general manager of the Carlyle Group and senior investor Han Dawei.

“In my opinion, free combat means courage, perseverance and the will to win.” Yao Ming, chairman of the capital, said, “Free combat is gaining more and more attention in the younger generation worldwide, and it is very capital. Happy to work with GLORY , the leader in the field of free combat, to promote free-fighting campaigns, encourage more young people to participate in the sport and become heroes in their lives.”

Bruce Mann , Chief Planning Officer of Liberty Global , said, “ GLORY fits well with Liberty Global ‘s strategy for content investment. We have found that investing in sporting events that are just emerging is both interesting and strategic. I believe in the support and operation of Liberty Global . As the strength of capital, GLORY can achieve their vision well in the future. 

Glory will increase the live broadcast to 18 in 2017 , including expanding the competition to Southeast Asia and Latin America and launching a TV reality show.

In addition, GLORY and Minsheng Capital have reached a consensus that a joint venture company will be established in China as soon as possible. Although the details have not been disclosed, GLORY hopes to hold the first game in China in the near future. They are very optimistic about the Chinese market. On the one hand, fighting and standing struggles have a long history in China. On the other hand, the fighting sports market here is still in its early stages and is growing rapidly.

Pierre Andurand , chairman and co-founder of Glory , said,  We are very pleased to be a strategic investment partner of GLORY . We have a team with excellent expertise and a growing experience in the growth sports business. Glory in the future Growing up will benefit from their expertise and active participation, because our alliance is global, especially in China, we have seen a lot of outstanding potential fighters, and Liberty Global will bring unparalleled GLORY Content and unique media resources. 

” GLORY in 2017 passed the live events, television, online media and social networking platform to attract more than 20 million fans, but its growth is accelerating,” GLORY vice chairman and co-founder Scott says, ” GLORY players It is the best in the sports world. Our ratings and brand loyalty are increasing all over the world. Fans, broadcasters and sponsors have realized that GLORY is the pinnacle of fighting and standing.”

Zhang Xiaoan, general manager of TSA (one of GLORY ‘s founding teams) recently accepted an interview with Sina Sports. In the interview, he said: “ Glory has not entered the Chinese market before because it has not found a suitable and knowledgeable cooperation. Partners, I believe that cooperation with capital will do this. From the perspective of knowledge, it is beneficial to the development of glory and fighting. I believe that they will consider the current situation of the Chinese market and develop a set of grounding promotion. The program came.”

About Glory


Glory is a global leader in free-to-play competitions and TV productions, with broadcast and new media partners in over 200 countries. Since its inception in 2012, it has hosted 36 competitions in 12 countries on 4 continents. GLORY has 130 of the world’s best fighters, including six men’s weight classes and one women’s weight class.

GLORY has offices in Denver, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Its free-fighting rules combine traditional boxing, kung fu, karate, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. You can contact us via Facebook, or follow us on Twitter (GLORY_WS), or visit our official website. For more information, please visit


About Yan Wei Capital

Founded in January 2016, Yanwei Capital was co-founded by Yao Ming, former chief investment officer of the former Wanda Hall, and former general manager of the former Carlyle Group, and a senior investor, Han Dawei, is a private equity of RMB 2 billion. fund company. 曜 is the capital’s investment opportunities in the sports and entertainment industry at home and abroad. It is worth mentioning that the uniqueness of capital is that it can use its rich resources in the world sports market to invest in its international Sports companies also bring capital and strategic value added to increase their visibility in China.

About Liberty Global

Liberty Global is the world’s largest international television and broadband company with operations in more than 30 countries in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Their investments are generally in the infrastructure that allows customers to fully enjoy the digital revolution. Liberty Global’s scale and innovative ideas enable them to develop market-leading products and spread them through a new era of networks, and to connect with our customers using television, broadband Internet and telephone services. They also serve more than 10 million mobile customers and offer wireless network services with 6 million access points. Liberty Global’s business consists of two companies: The Liberty Global Group (NASDAQ: LBTYA, LBTYB and LBTYK) operating in Europe and The LiLAC Group (NASDAQ: LILA and LILAK, OTC Link: LILAB) operating in Latin America and the Caribbean. . The Liberty Global Group has consumer brands in 12 European countries, including Virgin Media, Ziggo, Unitymedia and more. The LiLAC Group has consumer brands in 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including VTR, FLOW, LIBERTY, Mas Movil and BTC. In addition, The LiLAC Group operates submarine cable networks in more than 30 markets across the region.

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