Armani Group and Junhao Group Reached a Cooperation Relationship with Beijing Central Park Plaza Residential Project

Armani Group and Junhao Group reached a cooperation relationship with Beijing Junhao·Central Park Plaza residential project in Beijing, China

Beijing, June 30, 2015, Armani Group is pleased to announce that Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio and Junhao Group are on the Beijing Junhao·Central Park Plaza residential project in Beijing, China. Establish a new partnership. Junhao·Central Park Plaza is a real estate project developed by Junhao Group in Beijing, China. In 2014, it was awarded the title of “Top Ten Contemporary Chinese Architecture”. In this collaboration, Armani/Home Interior Design Studio will provide design services for the high-end luxury residential units, public areas and related facilities of Junhao·Central Park Plaza.

Junhao·Central Park Plaza is located in the CBD of Beijing (central business district) and faces the south gate of Chaoyang Park, the largest urban park in Asia. It will lead the trend of China’s green complex architecture. The project is part of the long-term strategy of the Junhao Group, which is committed to developing branded homes and providing customers with an exclusive experience. Ma Yansong, the leading designer of the project, is not only an expert in the field of architectural design, but also internationally renowned.

With the “Chinese Dream” and the improvement of China’s national cultural soft power, Junhao Group and Ma Yansong also regarded the project as a symbol of the vitality of today’s China. As an innovative combination of Chinese contemporary culture and international aesthetics (this project is embodied in the exclusive philosophical design concept of Mr. Giorgio Armani), the project is also a pioneer. Mr. Zhang Wei, Chairman of Junhao Group believes that the Junhao·Central Park Plaza project is a perfect embodiment of the exclusive combination of Western design and oriental philosophy by Mr. Giorgio Armani.

The Junhao·Central Park Plaza project emphasizes green development and perfectly presents the philosophical thinking of “Heaven and Man in One”; Chaoyang Park has a beautiful bay water. The environment of Chaoyang Park during project development is sensitive and worth pondering. The problem, the project will be based on this, to achieve integration with the environment. The Junhao·Central Park Plaza project uses the “landscape” architecture to integrate peaks, slopes, mountains and ridges into the design. Through the successful integration into the nearby park and the surrounding natural environment, the unique architectural concept of the project will become a model for the future, and propose a natural, healthy and cultural lifestyle for Beijing.

In 2014, the Junhao•Central Park Plaza project was jointly recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and senior architectural experts and was elected as one of the “Top Ten Contemporary Chinese Architectures”. The pioneering spirit of Junhao•Central Park Plaza “Heaven and Man in One” was recognized as “a landmark of China with epoch-making significance”. Since its appearance in the public eye, the project has aroused strong repercussions and won “one in one fell swoop”. 2014 Beijing Commercial Office Marketing Sales Champion.

Mr. Giorgio Armani, the fashion designer and founder of the Armani brand, said: “I am very pleased to work with this epoch-making project in Beijing. I believe that Beijing will be one of the most exciting modern metropolises in the world. The perfect combination of the idea of ​​’Heaven and Man’ in China and the aesthetic thought advocated by Armani/Home can achieve the aesthetics that I pursued on the basis of respecting nature, and this kind of integration For me, it is the true luxury of the present!”

Mr. Zhang Wei, Chairman of Junhao Group, said: “We are very pleased to cooperate with Armani, the world’s leading fashion brand, which is a milestone for the development of our group. I believe that through the in-depth cooperation with Armani, Junhao Central Park The square will surely become the benchmark in Beijing’s residential projects and scream the world.”

The contract was signed under the contact of the world’s leading brand real estate company TSA Group and is the first in the China region of the TSA Group’s real estate division. From the beginning of the project, TSA provided professional brand screening and project planning services for Junhao Real Estate Group, and accompanied the representatives of Junhao Real Estate Group to visit the Armani Group headquarters in Milan, Italy, and negotiated cooperation with Armani representatives, and finally promoted the two parties. Signed successfully. In this regard, Zhang Hui, president of Junhao Real Estate Group, said: “TSA’s brand real estate team is very professional, can clearly understand our needs, and establish a bridge of communication between us and Armani, narrowing the difference between the two. Without them, It is impossible for us to reach this cooperation.”

Marcus Luer, founder and CEO of TSA Group, said: “We really seem to have the opportunity to participate in such a great project. The Junhao real estate project is very high-end and the cooperation with Armani is perfect. We believe this project will definitely be big in the market. It is a milestone in the Chinese brand real estate project, and we look forward to more cooperation with Junhao Group in the future.”

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

About Armani / Home & Interior Design Studio

For more than 12 years since its inception, Armani / Home is a leader in the field of fashion interior decoration. With the motto of elegance and style, Armani/Home comes from the dream of Mr. Giorgio Armani: a warm, harmonious, highly comfortable and extremely refined paradise. Since 2003, Armani/Home Interior Design Studio has been providing private and real estate developers with an overall design service for residential interiors, from concept to implementation. The following are the recent design projects of the Armani/Home Interior Design Studio: Maçka Community, Istanbul, Turkey, World Tower, Mumbai, India, Century Manila, Philippines, Armani/Casa Art Apartment, Chengdu, China, Armani/Home Apartment, Miami, Florida. Armani/Home is located in 40 countries around the world, with a total of 56 points of sale, including 27 single-brand stores and 29 in-store stores.

About Junhao Group

Junhao Group, China Real Estate Development – ​​a pioneer in leading a new fashion lifestyle, aims to integrate its projects with green perception, smart art and other values ​​of its values, with the intention of creating elegant and collectible values. Human settlements. The Junhao Group has real estate projects in Beijing, Dalian, Xiamen, Sanya and other leading cities in China. Through this cooperation with Armani/Casa, Junhao will create a platform for both companies to create a unique dialogue with Chinese culture. In this process, develop a unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures. Human settlements.

About TSA Group - Brand Real Estate Business

TSA Group was founded in 1997 by the founder of Marcus Luer. After 18 years of development, TSA has been recognized as a leading international sports and entertainment company in Asia. In 2008, TSA officially launched its brand new business area – Branded Real Estate, a service designed to provide real estate developers with opportunities to collaborate with international brands and build a global brand with super brands. Brand commercial real estate projects. After nearly 6 years of rapid development, TSA has become a leader in Asian brand real estate, and has established cooperative relationships with internationally renowned brands such as Armani, Fendi and Discovery Channel, and jointly develops unique branded real estate projects with real estate developers in regional markets. The business model covers residential, boutique hotels, office buildings, education, etc., which has greatly promoted the development trend of global real estate branding.

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