TSA 22 Years of development

TSA Group – previously known as Total Sports Asia, is a leading international sports and entertainment company in Asia, was founded in 1997 and officially celebrates its 20th birthday in 2017. TSA Group founder, Marcus Luer hails from  Germany and after finishing his MBA education in the United States, he came to Asia to start his dream journey in Asian sports. After the short work of ISL and WSG, he formally founded the TSA Group. The company is based  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with offices in  China, India, Singapore, and Thailand.

Since the establishment of the company in 1997, the company has established extensive and long-term cooperative relationships with hundreds of sports organizations and institutions around the world such as International Table Tennis Federation, the International Badminton Federation, the International Amateur Boxing Association, the International Squash Federation and other international single sports associations. We have established cooperative relationships and obtained dozens of including the US Open Tennis Tournament, World Table Tennis Championships, ITTF Professional Tour, International Badminton Super Series, American Professional Wrestling (WWE), World Boxing Championship, Hockey World Cup, etc. Global exclusive media copyright and sponsorship sales agency for international influence events. The company stands at the forefront of global sports marketing, and is well versed in sports marketing. It provides scientific and standardized sports sponsorship services for many international famous brands and achieves significant improvements in long-term brand value. Customers include LG, Audi, Malaysia Telecom, Master Card. Wait. In addition, the company has a wealth of operational experience in single events and comprehensive events such as football, basketball, badminton, golf, boxing, free combat, and successfully hosted the 2011 IBF Super Cup Series, 2003 WWE Asia Tour and 2007 Indian World Soldiers. Sports events, etc., while exclusively operating the world’s top-impact free-fighting brand competition Glory Fighting World Series and the Asian Badminton International Badminton Competition that brings together the world’s badminton masters.

Since 2008, the company has entered the international real estate marketing industry through brand authorization, and has helped local developers in India to successfully develop international brands such as US Open Apartment, Schumacher Building, Sharapova Building, Swarovski Building, Manchester United Restaurant, etc. The real estate licensing project will graft international brands and real estate, which has greatly promoted the development trend of global real estate branding. The rapid development of this business area in the past 8 years has made TSA a leader in the real estate sector in Asia, and has established partnerships with internationally renowned brands such as Armani, Fendi and Discovery Channel, working with real estate developers in regional markets to develop a unique branded real estate project with business models covering residential, boutique hotels, office buildings, and education.

In 2004, Total Sports Asia established an office in China. The company began to fully enter the world’s most populous country, the Chinese market. The Chinese team brings the professional experience and global resources of the TSA Group to China in a professional manner.

“Company Vision”

Become a leading and outstanding sports and entertainment company in Asia.

“Company Mission”

To enrich life style and improve the quality of life with sports and entertainment.

“Core Values”

Teamwork and unification, providing excellent service quality, high sense of responsibility, company and customer reputation first, scientific and standardized service system, advocating work fun and happiness, pursuing comprehensive innovation from planning to execution, focusing on smooth communication between inside and outside.


Our strength lies in creating innovative ways to bring sports properties closer to the fans and consumers while generating maximum exposure and demand for our clients’ brands.


The TSA Group started working in the Chinese market very early, and in 2004 set up a representative office in China, located in Shanghai Zhongxin Building. At that time, the TSA China representative office was more dependent on the sports media and project resources of the headquarters to explore the Chinese market. Along with the gradual expansion of the market and the development of the company, in 2008, the TSA Group made an important decision to relocate the main company’s operations from Shanghai to Beijing, the capital of China. Because we believe that we can take advantage of China’s core media circle here, we can also feel a stronger sports atmosphere and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

TSA China’s current specific business focuses on the following four major parts:

  1. Media copyright distribution
  2. Sports sponsorship sales and consulting
  3. Urban sports assets introduction and operation
  4. Brand real estate development


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