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What is Branded Real Estate ?

Brand Real Estate (BRE) is a fusion of internationally renowned brands and real estate projects. The brand can be either a luxury brand, a sports brand, or a celebrity itself. These brands are integrated through different paths to maximize customer satisfaction and ultimately create a brand new consumer experience for the project.

Based on evolving market needs and exciting new developments in branding globally, TSA conceptualized the idea behind ‘Branded Real Estate’ and is on the forefront of the next phase of branding evolution in the property sector.

Project Origin

Since 2008, TSA has officially launched its new business area, branded real estate, which is designed to provide real estate developers with the opportunity to work with global super brands and build in China. Super brand is a brand value commercial real estate project with core values. We have achieved success in many Asian markets and started to officially launch this service in China in 2013.

What Are The Advantages of Branded Real Estate

  • Create a brand, the competition stands out from the competition.
  • Customized marketing plan, the peers have nothing to do.
  • Open up new selling points and strive for higher returns.
  • Improve the bottom line of profit, expand the interests of shareholders, promote the brand effect, enhance the company’s reputation, change the development model, and advance to the world landmarks.

We are happy to provide you with the opportunity to work with a variety of international brands to help your company stand out from the crowd in real estate projects.

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  • Dedicated to investigating project goals for you
  • Familiar with your marketing strategy and market positioning
  • Filter the brand that matches your project strategy
  • Negotiate with the brand owner to obtain a brand license
  • Communicate and coordinate with you and the brand leader to ensure fair trade
  • Provide complete legal and commercial guidance for contracts and authorizations between you and the brand until the contract is signed


  • Work with your team to integrate your brand into your marketing plan
  • Provide you with marketing strategy support before the project falls.
  • Meditate between your project team, consultants and brand owners to ensure your design and style
  • Communicate with multiple parties throughout the project construction process, design coordination program
  • Conduct regular project meetings with you and your consultants


  • Interior design on-site supervision
  • Value engineering provided by BRE partners
  • Architectural design provided by BRE partners
  • Interior design provided by BRE partners
  • Theme parks provided by BRE partners

For more information, please email to : info@totalsportsasia.cn