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MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed “Chaoyang Park Plaza”, which includes the Armani apartment complex. Positioned on the southern edge of Beijing’s Chaoyang Park ─ the largest remaining park in Beijing’s central business district area ─ the 220,000 sqm complex includes 10 buildings which unfold as a classic Shanshui painting on an urban scale. Inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings, the design remodels the relationship of large-scale architecture within our urban centers. It introduces natural forms and spaces ─ “mountain, brook, creek, rocks, valley and forest” ─ into the city.

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Having a similar position and function as Central Park in Manhattan, but unlike the modern box-like buildings that only create a separation between the park and the city, “Chaoyang Park Plaza” instead is an expansion of nature. It is an extension of the park into the city, naturalizing the CBD’s strong artificial skyline, borrowing scenery from a distant landscape ─ a classical approach to Chinese garden architecture, where nature and architecture blend into one another.

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“In modern cities, architecture as an artificial creation is seen more as a symbol of capital, power or technological development; while nature exists independently. It is different from traditional Eastern cities where architecture and nature are designed as a whole, creating an atmosphere that serves to fulfill one’s spiritual pursuits,” said architect Ma Yansong. “We want to blur the boundary between nature and the artificial, and make it so that both are designed with the other in mind. Then, the argument in the modern logic of humans to protect or to destroy nature will no longer exist if we understand and see humans and nature as co-existing. Human behavior and emotion is part of nature, and nature is where that originates and ends.”




The asymmetrical twin tower office buildings on the north side of the site, sit at the base of the park’s lake and are like two mountain peaks growing out of the water. The transparent and bright atrium acts like a “drawstring” that pulls the two towers together by a connecting glass rooftop structure.

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The small-scale, low-rise commercial buildings appear as mountain rocks that have endured long-term erosion. They seem to be randomly placed, but their strategic relationship to one another forms a secluded, but open urban garden, offering a place where people can meet within nature in the middle of the city.

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The two multi-story Armani apartments to the southwest continue this concept of “open air living” with their staggered balconies, offering each residential unit more opportunities to be exposed to natural sunlight, and ultimately feel a particular closeness to nature.



The overall environment is shaped by smooth, curved surfaces of black and white, creating a quiet and mysterious atmosphere. It is one that evokes the emotion and aesthetic resonance of a traditional Chinese ink painting, creating a tranquil escape from the surrounding, bustling urban environment. The landscape that weaves itself in between the buildings incorporates pine trees, bamboo, rocks and ponds ─ all traditional eastern landscape elements that imply a deeper connection between the architecture and classical space.


Japanese graphic artist Kenya Hara led the design of the “simple” and “refined” signage system for the project.



The project has been awarded the LEED Gold Certification by the US Green Building Council, as the ideal of “nature” is not only embodied in the design concept, but in the innovation and integration of green technology as well. The vertical fins seen on the exterior glass façade emphasize the smoothness and verticality of the towers. They also function as the energy efficient ventilation and filtration system, drawing fresh air indoors.

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At the base of the towers, there is a pond, that while making them appear as if they are going into infinity, works as an air cooling system in the summer, decreasing the overall temperature of the interior.




“Chaoyang Park Plaza” completely transforms the model of building found in our cities’ central business districts. But even though it is located in the center of Beijing’s CBD, the intention is for it to have a dialogue with the traditional and classical city of Beijing – reflecting the interdependence between man and nature, both in urban planning, and the large-scale presentation of the Shanshui garden. In the painting of Wang Mingxian, an architectural historian, he juxtaposed “Chaoyang Park Plaza” into a classical landscape painting. The architecture and the natural scenery seemed harmonious together, unlike how some might think the buildings do not fit into their urban context. Commenting on this contrast, Ma Yansong said: “I don’t think that’s our problem. The real question is when did the original cultural context of this city disappear? We have the opportunity to try and create a different kind of city, that on a spiritual and cultural level, can be compared to the classical cities of Eastern philosophy and wisdom.”



Architecture historian Wang Mingxian nserted the project into a shanshui painting

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朝阳公园广场 Chaoyang Park Plaza

中国北京 Beijing, China




Typology: Office, Commercial, Residential

基地面积 Site Area:30,763平方米 (sqm)

建筑面积 Building Area:

地上Aboveground 128,177平方米(sqm);

地下Underground 94,832平方米(sqm)

建筑高度 Height:142米 (m)




设计团队:傅昌瑞,赵伟,李广崇,林国敏,胡博纲,Nathan Kiatkulpiboone,杨杰,Julian Sattler,Younjin Park,朱璟璐,薛雁,郑芳,Matteo Vergano,Wing Lung Peng,Gustavo Maya,李云龙,Tiffany Dahlen,Gustaaf Alfred Van Staveren


Principal Partners in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, Yosuke Hayano

Associate Partners in Charge: Kin Li, Liu Huiying

Team: Fu Changrui, Zhao Wei, Li Guangchong, Lin Guomin, Bennet Hu Po-Kang, Nathan Kiatkulpiboone, Yang Jie, Julian Sattler, Younjin Park, Zhu Jinglu, Xue Yan, Zheng Fang, Matteo Vergano, Wing Lung Peng, Gustavo Maya, Li Yunlong, Tiffany Dahlen, Gustaaf Alfred Van Staveren





幕墙曲面优化:阿法建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司, San Form Limited










Client: Smart-hero (HK) Investment Development Limited

Executive Architects: CCDI Group

Façade Consultant: RFR Asia

Façade Optimization: RFR Asia, San Form Limited

Interior Design (Office and Commercial): MADA s.p.a.m.

Interior Design (Residential): ARMANI/CASA Interior Design Studio

Graphic Design: Kenya Hara + NDC China

Landscape Design: Greentown Akin Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd.

Interior Lighting Consultant: M&W Lighting Limited

Landscape Lighting Consultant: Beijing Junhao Lighting Design Co., Ltd

LEED Certification Consultant: Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co., Ltd.


*摄影师Photographer: Hufton + Crow

文章来源:MAD建筑事务所 - 微信公众号



【2016年9月30日 北京】10月22日,阿玛尼生活艺术展将在位于北京798艺术区的尤伦斯当代艺术中心盛大开幕,继最初在2015年4月于意大利米兰成功举办之后,这是该展览第一次在意大利之外亮相。届时ARMANI/CASA全球最新作品:建于北京的骏豪·中央公园广场阿玛尼城市公寓也将亮相。展览将以一场独家汇演拉开帷幕,并向公众开放至10月28日。


据悉,阿玛尼生活艺术展的展区占地400平方米,将完美呈现阿玛尼家居室内设计工作室在全球部分地区开发的精品项目。草图、渲染图、平面图、截面图、实景照片、比例模型、布局设计、织物和材料样本以及iPad演示多媒体内容将悉数展出,充分展示阿玛尼风格、审美和材料研究设计的广度和深度,生动地呈现项目前期准备的各个阶段。设计理念新颖独特、巧夺天工,不时让设计工作室 — 完美构思的“发源地” — 浮现于脑际。







阿玛尼城市公寓 · 北京 · 公寓

最引人注目的莫过于与骏豪地产集团联袂打造的阿玛尼城市公寓地产开发项目。跻身中国10大最具标志性当代建筑的骏豪·中央公园广场住宅综合体,阿玛尼城市公寓灵动再现奢华住宅,共享区域与便利设施融为一体,令人耳目一新。至此,中国最重要的“绿色”建筑综合体将入驻北京商务中心区(CBD),与亚洲大陆最大的城市公园  — 朝阳公园南大门隔街相望。

皇后门别墅 · 伦敦 · 私宅

近期项目还包括与Alchemy 地产公司在伦敦携手创立的皇后门别墅(Queen’s Gate Place。项目坐落在始建于1863年的古色古香的联排别墅,严格传承经典建筑典范,乔治·阿玛尼以名副其实的现代设计惊艳亮相,在保持睿智创新的同时,充分尊重建筑中最宝贵的原始要素。事实上,阿玛尼展出其惊世之作,重在体现其构成和细节。抹灰天花板、飞檐、楼梯以及装饰性的铁质栏杆完美再现了建筑最原始的魅力,与项目现代化的设计理念相得益彰,是当今最先进的材料和技术天衣无缝配合的结晶。

阿玛尼酒店 · 迪拜 · 酒店


阿玛尼酒店 · 米兰 · 酒店

与艾马尔地产集团携手打造的米兰阿玛尼酒店是乔治·阿玛尼在米兰的首个建筑项目,坐落于建筑设计师E. Griffini于1937年设计的历史性理性主义建筑。每个细节都充分体现了阿玛尼独到的审美品位,光线、温暖与美以全新的形式完美契合,赋予了酒店现代化的诠释!

孟买世界塔 · 北京 · 公寓

作为全球最高的住宅建筑,孟买世界塔由Pei Cobb Freed & Partners倾力设计,由印度最大的地产开发商罗德哈集团宣传推广。住宅和大型公共区域风格迥异的室内设计营造出一种与印度传统和风俗完美融合的独特风格:以一种现代化的方式重新诠释哥哩砖墙等印度文化要素,构建温馨、惬意的居住空间,与众不同的光影效果以及与原始造型与材质的完美结合让设计熠熠生辉!

世纪尖顶 · 马尼拉 · 公寓


阿玛尼公寓 · 迈阿密 · 公寓

乔治·阿玛尼与美国地产发展商Dezer Development和Related Group达成战略合作,在迈阿密独有的阳光岛海滩附近由西萨·佩里倾心设计的结构大胆的楼宇内,共同缔造最富盛誉的Armani/Casa公寓。对于本项目的内部设计,设计师以现代化形态重新诠释了与城市息息相关的装饰艺术风格。设计师精选色调,在六类住宅和各类公共区域和设施方面崇尚五彩缤纷的海洋之色。

阿玛尼艺术公寓 · 成都 · 公寓


玛茨卡公寓 · 伊斯坦布尔 · 公寓


阿玛尼公寓 · 特拉维夫 · 公寓

位于特拉维夫Harbaa大厦由建筑设计师Moshe Zur操刀设计,Hagag 集团推广。阿玛尼家居室内设计工作室受邀设计前厅和太空休息厅。该项目极具挑战性,必须确定如何向人们不常留恋的自然过渡区注入灵魂和特点。工作室集思广益,对风格和城市图标进行研究,最终确定采用风格独特的棕榈树作为设计的主旨。通过巧妙结合工艺先进的材料,对独具象征性的植物进行渲染处理,刻画前厅独树一帜的风韵,使其宛若外部自然空间的延伸。



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