Swiss Cup Zurich Gymnastics/瑞士杯体操赛

It is Mixed Pairs invitational event with one of the best gymnast participants.

This competition differed greatly from other elite meets, as the gymnasts competed in rounds, not rotations. The competition is a pairs competition, where a male and female gymnast form a team. There are three rounds of competition: preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals. The gymnasts in each team compete one right after the other, and the team total is based on their combined scores. Each team can choose which event they would like to compete in each round, with some restrictions. In the final round, the four remaining teams start from scratch, and build their scores from zero. The team with the highest total is declared the winner.

The event is an invitational tournament. The goal is to try to have teams from all continents. It also tries to attract medalists of World Championships (WC) and European Championships (EC).

Screener 【password: tsachina】

What is available

Swiss Cup Zurich Gymnastics 2016 Live


6th November 2016

11:50   Opening ceremony

12:00   Beginning of competition

14:00   Semi-final

15:00   Show Act

15:30   Sward ceremony and ending ceremony

Participant list: Available in August

Delivery: Eutelsat; Asiasat5 with tech cost

Format: HD, 50 hz, English graphics and international sound; English commentary with an additonal fee

Swiss Cup official website:

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