Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016/2016古德伍德速度节

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual hill climb featuring historic motor racing vehicles held in the grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex, England in late June or early July; the event is scheduled to avoid clashing with the Formula One season, enabling fans to see F1 machines as well as cars and motorbikes from motor racing history climb the hill.

In the early years of the Festival, tens of thousands attended over the weekend; it currently attracts crowds of around 100,000 on each of the three days it is now held. A record crowd of 158,000 attended in 2003, before an advance-ticket-only admission policy came into force; attendance is now capped at 150,000.Hill Climb (the most attractive event)

Thanks to the event’s classification as a hill climb, its location and desire to reflect the style and history of motor sport, visitors are afforded close views of the action – separated only by a few metres and reinforced straw bales from the track. Visitors are free to walk around several paddocks where the cars and drivers can be seen at close quarters. The atmosphere of the Festival of Speed, when compared to the separation of fans from drivers and machines common to most top end motor sport events, encourages participation by the fans.

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What is available

1. Goodwood 74th Members Meeting Highlights – 1 x 60’, via FTP on 20 March 2016.
2. Goodwood Festival of Speed – Live 2 x 90’, via streaming on 23 and 24 June 2016 (3-5 hours per day)
3. Goodwood Festival of Speed Highlights – 2 x 60’, via FTP on 15 July 2016
4. Goodwood Moving Motors Show/Cars of the Future (FOS) – 1 x 60’, via FTP on 15 July 2016
5. Goodwood Revival – Live 2 x 60’, via streaming on 10 and 11 September 2016 (3-5 hours per day)
6. Goodwood Revival Highlights – 2 x 60’, via FTP on 30 September 2016
7. Goodwood Classic Cars (Revival) – 1 x 60, via FTP on 30 September 2016

Program Info

Technical specifications: Visual Ratio 16:9 (HD). FTP files available in H.264 (.mov)

Audio: Stereo; English commentary and Graphics

Scripts: Available; Also available with a clean footages (w/o graphics and logos)

Live – Satellite delivery OR Online streaming
Event highlights/factual – FTP/HDD/Tape

Goodwood Festival of Speed Official website:

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